Nearly. But not this time.

gjon-mili-star-hurdler-jim-humphrey-showing-off-his-high-hurdle-formGAH, WE fell at the final hurdle. We failed the baked egg challenge.

It was so close. Over the course of the morning, Sidney managed a whole muffin with no reaction and we were five minutes from being given the all-clear to go. In fact, the nurses had written his letter confirming a successful trial and we were gathering our coats when The Hive appeared.

Just one, on his neck. Then there were more, big ones, on his cheek, and complaints of a tummy ache, and a red and itchy eye, and coughing, and from being briefed on how to introduce baked egg into his diet we were suddenly dosing him with antihistamines.

Never mind.

Thinking positively, the fact that he was able to tolerate such a significant amount, and not react until a good one and a half hours after the last bite, might bode well for the future. While the mantra remains “avoid, avoid, avoid” we can challenge him again in a year’s time and hope that perhaps his tolerance has grown. He could have reacted violently to the first taste, after all.

Poor little thing absolutely loved the muffin, too. He was making for the spoon like a starving sparrow. We gave him a Kinnerton’s (nut free) chocolate lolly as reward for the six hours spent languishing in the paediatric department.

I say languishing; to be fair he spent the morning pretty much being fed bits of cake and watching Postman Pat on the telly. While his tummy ache obviously caused him distress and he started to get fractious and clingy as the hives kicked in, he had forgotten all of that by the time the antihistamines did their trick and was demanding the right to stay “all day”.


My resolution not to tell him he was being challenged to egg fell by the wayside, too. First of all, one of the nurses hadn’t been told of our decision and came over chatting about egg muffins. (I was super-peeved and worried at first but thankfully Sidney seemed not to have clocked it.) Then, as I wittered later about how we were trying a “new cakey thing” to see if he could eat it, he asked me: “Has it got egg in it?” I couldn’t tell a barefaced lie so I confessed, explaining that some children can eat eggs cooked in cakes but we needed to check at the hospital. He looked vaguely interested for a few seconds then turned back to watching Postman Pat.

Honestly, these tots are amazing, dealing with equanimity to the fuss that surrounds them. Perhaps we overthink how our children will react to scenarios we deem “too complicated”. Next time, I’ll own up to (probably) everything from the outset: it seems he can take it.

Won’t be long, either. In two weeks we have the Green Pea Challenge.


3 thoughts on “Nearly. But not this time.

  1. The Free From Fairy

    Oh no!!!! What a shame…still like you say, with any luck next time..?? And the pea challenge next?! Boy you really do have a lot to deal with. Good luck with that…

  2. You both did well…. a great learning experience…. children tend to be more knowing and resilient … best to take a lead from the child if you get the indicators you clearly did from S today. Well done xx

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