The Idiotic Things They Say Vol.1

We’re less than a year into Life With a Food Allergic Kid territory and already I have a marvellous list of the, frankly, unhelpful bollocks various people have come out with. Some are well-meaning, but ill-advised, others outright rude and the rest just really, really stupid.

I boldly predict there will be a lot more of these to come, so I am titling this post ‘Volume 1’. Here is my top 10 so far:

1. Baby gym teacher: “Ooh *excitedly* has he had one of those anaphylactic thingies yet?” #nolovebutweliveinhope

2. Aunt-in-law: “It must be because you’re vegetarian.” #buggeroff #doctorsaysnoactually

3. Allergy nurse: “How much does your baby’s allergy affect your choice of days out and holidays?” Me (shellshocked Mum to newly diagnosed six month-old): “Not much, really.” Allergy nurse: “Oh, but it will…”#andyoureinchargeoftheparentsupportgroup?

4. Allergy nurse: “Oh, I remember your little boy – he had LOADS of allergies.” #thanksforthat

5. Allergy nurse (she’s a treasure trove): “Gosh, what on earth CAN he eat?” #plentythanks #nowgoaway

6. Me to nursery school teacher: “What’s your policy on children with severe food allergies?” Nursery school teacher: “Oh, it’s fine, we’ve got loads of vegetarians here AND a girl who doesn’t like cheese…” #byethen

7. Various: “Aren’t you brave taking him out?” #youthinkheshouldbelockedup? (thanks to fellow allergy Tweeter @freefrommum for this classic)

8. Friend: “Oh, he doesn’t look ill.” #hesnot #idiot

9. Lady in organic baby stuff shop: “You really shouldn’t give a baby antihistamines.” #youadoctor? #hippyclaptrap

10. Various: “I heard it’s because of all the processed food people eat.” #andbypeopleyoumeanme *resists urge to ram hard with buggy*