Grandma’s ridiculously quick & fruity flapjacks

Wheat free, egg free, nut free (optional: dairy free)

SID’S Grandma (my husband’s Mum) is a master baker of lovely cakes – deliciously moist Victoria sponges, boozy sherry logs at Christmas, butterfly “buns” (as Yorkshire idiom would have ’em), coffee sponges, pies, meringues, crumbles…

Obviously, Sid has never been able to sample any of these concoctions although, luckily, he’s too young to know any different. But as he nears two and is starting to notice (and care) what other people are eating, I’m delighted to say that Grandma’s traditional flapjacks have been reinvented to fit his silly dietary demands – wheat free, egg free and, as ever, resolutely nut free.

When I sampled Grandma’s new version on our last visit I honestly couldn’t suss the difference between those and the originals. So I made a bid to make them myself this week and, hooray, success!

Not only are they ridiculously quick and easy to make (no more than 10 minutes’ prep and 20 minutes in the oven), but they tasted gloriously gooey with a nice crumbly crust. Most importantly, Sid was delighted at being able to join Mummy and Daddy in munching on “cakey” and, though we won’t be making these a daily staple, I’m over the moon to have a recipe to suit all celebratory occasions – and, of course,  that Sidney will be able to chomp happily on Grandma’s cakes along with the rest of his cousins.

The recipe Grandma gave me is in ounces so I’ve made a bid to convert loosely into grams, too.


170g (6oz) butter or dairy free alternative

30g (1oz) Golden Syrup or honey

115g (4oz) soft brown sugar

170g (60z) Dove’s Farm gluten & wheat free white self raising flour

55g (2oz) Nairn’s gluten free real porridge oats (a staple for us as they’re nut free, too)

55g (2oz) sultanas or diced dried apricots

30-55g (1-2oz) chopped dried and sweetened sour cherries (I use Sainsbury’s own brand)


Swiss roll tin


Melt the butter and syrup or honey in a pan.

Add the dry ingredients to the pan and mix well (I guess you could grind the oats down in a blender if you don’t want the bigger oaty flakes but I left them as they were).

Press mixture into a butter-greased swiss roll tin and bake for about 20 minutes at 160F.

Remove from oven, leave to cool for a few minutes then cut into squares or fingers while still warm

Serve, eat.

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