Allergy-Friendly Eatery: Lyttelton Cafe, National Theatre, Southbank

English: London
National Theatre (image: Wikipedia)

Not exactly a resounding clap on the back but a reserved ‘yay’ for this little cafe and espresso bar on the ground floor of the National Theatre.

Ask and you shall receive a full ingredients list for all the baked goods on offer. Chocolate ginger tiffin, for instance, is egg free, I found this weekend. But if you have nut issues it’s still a way off being safe – all cakes ‘may have traces of nuts’, the friendly lass behind the counter confirmed, ruefully.

One day, maybe, these places will get the whole cross-contamination thing sorted. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

Lyttelton Cafe & Espresso Bar, Ground Floor, National Theatre, Southbank, London SE1 9PX,

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