‘Demystifying Oral Food Challenges’

oral-food-challenge-gold-standardJUST a quick link here to a very helpful, step-by-step guide to oral food challenges from the Kids With Food Allergies Foundation. It hails from the US but maps out how to prepare your child and what to expect. Thanks to Dairy Free Baby and Me for the tip.

I particularly like the point about how a reaction (i.e. failing an oral challenge) can be a learning opportunity: until last week, Sidney had never even eaten any egg, so the notion of being allergic to it was entirely abstract. While not particularly pleasant, he now knows that eating just a small amount can make him feel unwell – perhaps enough for him to recognise an allergic reaction should it happen again.

Well worth a read.

Anapen recall

The last place you expect to hear that your tot’s Anapen adrenaline injector is being recalled is on BBC 6Music news. But you can blame the manufacturers for that – apparently they failed to prewarn the hospital allergists about the recall before deciding to issue a press release. Nice.

I’ve literally just got off the phone from our lovely doc who confirmed the Anapen is indeed the subject of a voluntary recall here in the UK, because of potential issues with the plastic needle sheath affecting the dosage of adrenalin. We’re to be called into the hospital over the next couple of weeks and retrained in EpiPens instead.

Click here for the Reuters report – all I can currently find online.

But some words of reassurance from our doc: the Anapen is only being recalled here in the UK and not in other European countries (for example France, where it is used more commonly). Those countries are waiting to know the results of further tests before they make any decision, so here in the UK we are just being a little more cautious.

There’s also no evidence that anyone has been affected by faulty Anapens, and testing of 26,000 of the devices here hasn’t previously thrown up any issues.

That said, for peace of mind I’m keen to switch to the EpiPen as soon as possible.

Check back here for more updates as and when they come…

* Update 1.30pm bit more info here