The good news (with a little tiny ‘but’)

images-4OUR VERY wonderful allergist, Dr Robert Boyle, has just released some new findings that should make reassuring reading for parents of children with diagnosed food allergy.

After collating data from 13 studies worldwide, he and his research team at Imperial College London have calculated that for children and young people with a food allergy  aged 0-19, the chance of dying from anaphylaxis in any one year is 3.25 in a million.

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Can probiotics prevent food allergy?

makka-pakka1LATELY I’ve been channelling Makka Pakka, minus the energy and enthusiasm. Mostly it’s just the bum, because I am currently eight months pregnant, and counting, with our second.

Worries about how Sidney will take to a new baby in the house (not to mention how we’ll tackle two of the blighters) have been supplemented by concerns that a second may also suffer from food allergies. And wouldn’t it be a f***** if they were entirely different to Sid’s? Just as we have built up a pretty good repertoire of food he can eat, to find a second tot can’t do dairy… it’s best not to dwell.

According to Sid’s allergist, the likelihood of a second child also being food allergic isn’t as high as you might think – if I recall rightly, it’s around eight per cent. Eczema in early infancy would be a suggestive sign, so if the baby does develop the same scratchy skin as Sid we’ll be straight to “Dr Bob” to get it checked out.

But I do have a small trick up my sleeve, that our doc has advised is as good a tactic as any in trying to stave off allergy in number two: probiotics.

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