‘Do You Want My Family’s Business?’

Unknown-2SO, YESTERDAY WAS my debut into the (sorta) professional world of allergy. I was a guest speaker at a seminar for the catering industry on the upcoming changes to food labelling.

Despite my strong views on the subject, I wasn’t there to pontificate on the rights and wrongs of the new labelling legislation – I reckon that would only confuse the catering delegates even more, and I can tell you after yesterday that many of them are already confused enough about existing, never mind impending, allergy regulations.

I was invited as an ‘Allergy Mum’ by the organisers FATC to speak about the daily struggle to find safe places to eat, and food to buy, for my child.

So below is my presentation. It wasn’t slick, and my PowerPoint skills are rudimentary, but I hope it got some people thinking about the struggle we face to find allergy safe food. It is, as fellow speaker Michelle Berriedale-Johnson of Foods Matter succinctly put it, a “pain in the balls”. Continue reading “‘Do You Want My Family’s Business?’”

A rare treat

FELLOW food allergy parents will know what a rare treat it is to go out without a sackful of pre-prepped meals for the tot. You get so used to it, it barely registers sometimes – until that moment when you don’t have to do it.

No, I’m afraid I can’t announce a miraculous new dining spot where allergy kids get to eat freely and safely… unless, that is, you come round to my parents’ house for a barbecue one weekend this summer. Continue reading “A rare treat”