British Airways – a rant

Airbus A319 takes off from London Heathrow Airport

I’M GOING to dash this off very quickly as I don’t have a heap of time but am too angry not to rant. In short: we are travelling, as we often do, with BA in Europe this summer and, as you may or may not know, our 18-month-old Sid is severely allergic to – among other stuff – nuts.

I know from previous experience that BA is uniquely unhelpful when it comes to dealing with nut allergy onboard. Their website clearly states (as if this gets them off the hook) that they will not make cabin announcements and won’t ban nuts from flights. Privately, crew have told me on more than one occasion that this has been deemed a ‘human rights’ issue – laughable, this, but apparently it may be against the human rights of passengers who wish to eat peanuts to ban them from doing so. Words fail. Continue reading “British Airways – a rant”