Easy Egg Free Pancakes

Egg free, nut free (optional: dairy & gluten free)


This so, so easy pancake recipe was given to me by the wonderful @ChubbaNia on Twitter, who I first came across when she was trading as Nia’s Foods, a one-woman free from baking outfit.

In fact, she made my nephew’s first birthday cake without wheat, eggs, nuts and more, so that his cousin would be able to tuck in with everyone else:


Sadly, the economics of running a free from bakery solo (at the age of 20, I might add) meant that Nia had to close down the business before Christmas, but, as an EpiPen-carrying vegan who is “allergic to lots”, she is an expert on all things allergy friendly, from doughnuts to biscuits and, yes, pancakes.

I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between these, doused with a little lemon and honey, and proper egg versions. You can make them gluten free by simply substituting in gluten free flour; ditto dairy free by switching for a milk substitute. I think they might be just as good with a savoury filling so that’s next on my list.

I’ve given this recipe to Sid’s nursery where, tomorrow, all of the kids will be whipping some up.


Serves 10

200g self-raising flour

250ml milk or milk substitute (e.g. oat/soya/rice milk)

150ml water

2tbsp pure sunflower oil


  1. Sieve flour into bowl and pour in milk or milk substitute, water and oil
  2. Mix well with balloon whisk, fork or spoon
  3. Wipe a non-stick pan with pure sunflower oil and heat
  4. Ladle mix into the pan and ‘swill’ to cover base thinly
  5. Cook, flip, cook and eat!

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