Alpro – get yer nuts off our soya – UPDATE

1472010_1435311240015633_1447709268_aJUST A QUICK update on our campaign to keep nut traces out of Alpro soya products. If you haven’t had a moment to ‘like’ our Facebook page here, please do – and if you haven’t had a moment to email Alpro and ask them to rethink their plans, please do that as well (there’s a template letter you can cut and paste from the Facebook campaign page.)

And if you haven’t had a moment to post your displeasure on Alpro’s own Facebook page here please do that as well as well!

They will send you a stock reply claiming that they are simply trying to keep customers informed. If you have a sec to reply to that reply, tell ’em:

* It’s not good enough: we won’t buy their products if they have a nut trace warning

* Keep the nut and soya production separate


* Introduce properly rigorous cleaning procedures and independent lab testing to ensure there is no risk of traces

Happily we have just had some very important backing from top children’s allergy doc Dr George Du Toit, whose response is clear – children with cow’s milk allergy often also have nut allergy and rely on calcium fortified soya products for their proper nutrition. You can read his comments here.

(By the way, Alpro also owns Provamel so its soya, oat and rice products will also be slapped with a nut warning from 2014. Read more here.)

Thanks again!

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