News Flash! Allergy Hour, the supermarkets and what to do?

alarm-clock-artIf any of you lovely people are on Twitter tonight from 8.30pm it’s #allergyhour – the topics for tonight are allergy safe Hallowe’en treats and the biggie: strategies for ensuring supermarkets act on our needs.

It comes after I discovered to my horror that Sainsbury’s (at the very least the stores near me) have discontinued DS-gluten free bread in favour of their own brand stuff – so NO egg free, gluten free bread at all now on their shelves. In this pic not ONE bread product is egg free.


DS-gluten free has already suspended production of some of its pizzas (see here after the supermarkets stopped stocking them, and Kinnerton was forced to stop production of its nut free milk chocolate bars for the same reason.

It’s a slippery slope… the question is what we can do about it?

Join in the debate on Twitter tonight from 8.30pm-9.30pm and bring any other questions to the party! Follow @allergyhour and tweet using the hashtag #allergyhour to take part….

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