Kinnerton’s a winner

4 FACING CLASSIC LOLLY SOT_F_2-1I CAN’T BELIEVE it’s taken me this long (herein proof it’s a bum ache finding allergy safe food) but I have just discovered that Kinnerton make a nut free, egg free milk chocolate for kids.

I knew they made the dairy free bars and lollies, which are pretty liberally stocked by the major supermarkets. But for some reason none of the supermarkets I have ever visited stock the milk chocolate versions.

I can’t for the life of me fathom why. There are so many children with nut allergies, and Kinnerton have it so sewn up with their character-branded stuff, from Peppa Pig to Thomas the Tank Engine, I’m certain they’d prove big sellers. Perhaps they tread on the toes of the supermarket own brand fare, which, frankly, is dreary and uninspiring.

You’re a five-year-old at Christmas.

Fancy this..?

Pic taken by @allergybuddies

Or this?


You get me.

Anyway, thanks to the lovely Louise of I now know I can buy Kinnerton nut free advent calendars via Amazon here.

Meanwhile, other wonderful allergy Tweeters have revealed that the Kinnerton milk chocolate lollies can be bought via Ocado here or the lollies, bars and more can be stocked up on in bulk via the ‘Chocolate Buttons’ website here.

And talking of Christmas, for the nut, egg, gluten and dairy free out there, Kinnerton have produced a limited run of allergy safe advent calendars that you can send off for here (thanks @dairyfree for that tip).

It shouldn’t be this complicated, should it?

2 thoughts on “Kinnerton’s a winner

  1. Hi Alexa,
    I Can’t find an email address for you anywhere on the site so will have to do this here…..

    I found this article while doing some SEO work for Kinnerton’s sister site Humdinger and thought that these kids snacks may also be beneficial for your child. First and foremost there is the dairy fee chocolate buttons. which are currently sold in Tescos. On the same site there is also, “the fruit factory” range and “Humzingers” which may also help, especially as by the sounds of it your child’s allergies no longer include certain fruits!

    1. Hi Dave – thanks for the message. We eat ‘Humzingers’ all the time – they’re a brilliant, safe snack – I blogged about them a good while back here
      But I wasn’t aware of the Dairy Free chocs, which look great. We don’t have to be dairy free ourselves but it’s always good to find something nut allergy safe… I’ll mention these in any future lists I come up with…

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