In vino veritas

IMG_7358SO, I THINK Sidney is starting to understand his allergies. I’m just worried about how he plans to cope with them. Today, waiting for a hospital appointment for his baby sister, he played happily in a toy kitchen with other kids, clutching a bunch of toy grapes, a pot of ‘tea’ and a bottle of what he decided was ‘wine’. Offered a tin of food by another little boy he shook his head, replying firmly: “No, it has egg in it. That’s why I have wine.”

We may have a problem on our hands…

2 thoughts on “In vino veritas

  1. Like Mother, like son 🙂
    Lately MyItchyBoy has been talking about wine, yet we don’t have it in the house. I blame cookery programmes (or Grandma!).
    He’s right though, should be safe from egg.
    MyItchyBoy’s play cafes always carry soya milk for me and he tells you what the ingredients are before handing plates of pretend food over. I think that’s a good reason to take calculated risks with allergy kids going to restaurants, otherwise they won’t learn how to and be confident to ask all the questions and to swap things on the menu.

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