Addendum, or, ‘I need a drink’

MAN, I SHOULD never blog in haste. After all my waxing lyrical about M&S, turns out their allergen labelling isn’t so perfect after all.

Off we trotted to buy some bread for a picnic tomorrow: after checking and cross referencing each of the egg free, nut free and sesame free lists on the M&S website I had settled on the ‘supersoft’ white as being our safe option.

Then what do we find in store, on the supersoft loaf? This:


Even more confusingly, the supersoft white had the sesame warning, while the ‘supersoft white’ with crusts cut off didn’t:



Maybe all the sesame’s in the edges?

Of course, there’s a disclaimer on the M&S site that notes “recipes may change from time to time” so “check the ingredient list… at the time of purchase”. The thing is, what’s the point of keeping such seemingly comprehensive allergen lists if they can’t be updated? How hard can it be to update one list if a recipe changes? I can do it for £50 a pop if they need help.

And when what’s in store differs so drastically from what’s claimed online, it sets the worry wheels whirring in my head and I wonder: which piece of information is actually correct? Has someone made a mistake in the labelling? And if they’ve made a mistake, how can I have the confidence that all the other labels are as they should be?

Honestly, I am so BORED of complaining about labels and checking labels and querying labels. Imagine what else I could do with all that time spent. *thinks of a pub, and a big glass of wine*

4 thoughts on “Addendum, or, ‘I need a drink’

  1. Realistically, I do not think that one should ever expect manufacturer lists to be totally accurate – given the number of products, the changes in recipes and the fact that freefrom/allergen-free food is only a very, very small part of a supermarket’s throughout, the chances of them being kept totally up to date are really small! This is not to say that they shouldn’t be – just that, if we are to live in the real world, they probably won’t be! So while they are certainly useful for getting some idea of what that supermarket stocks/manufacturer makes, I think one would to very unwise to rely on them and would ALWAYS advise reading the label as well!

    1. Hi Michelle – sadly of course you’re right and it’s SO important for people to always check the label on the actual product before buying! But I do think it’s a very simple step for a manufacturer to pass any recipe update on to the people who oversee the online nutritional/allergy info. There will always be mistakes, unfortunately, but every effort should be made to keep information up to date. Anyway, M&S are now looking into it for me so hopefully we’ll get an answer on the bread conundrum soon 🙂

  2. I feel your pain, I was gluten free way before it was written on the label. The manufactures are coming along, a little slower then we would like but we are still seeing progress so yeah for that!

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