She’s here, I’m back!

IMG_4094SADIE Old Lady is in the house.

Which I hope explains my blogging slackness over recent weeks. But the chaos has – ha! – subsided and I will be back, with recipes and angry foot-stamping, in a jiffy.

To come: egg, nut and wheat free fairy cakes, the food trials of birthday bashes and the battle to stave off silly allergies in no.2…



8 thoughts on “She’s here, I’m back!

  1. Alison

    Big congrats. My first born (Ryan, 7yrs) has allergies to milk, egg and nuts so like you we braced ourselves when our no. 2 (Chloe, 4yrs) came along. Despite our consultant informing us it was unlikely we would have a second with allergies, Chloe initially turned out to be allergic to milk. However she has grown out of it and now has a ‘normal diet’, although not quite sure what that is anymore!! But at least we felt well placed to deal with it second time around.

    1. Thanks Alison… and so great to hear positive stores about no.2 kids! We have fingers firmly crossed.
      Out of curiosity, do you let Chloe have milk, egg and nuts at home? Intrigued as to how you manage with one non-allergic child – do they only have contraband when out? Especially re nuts as they can linger… A tricky one I imagine!

      1. Alison

        We tend to avoid nuts as much as possible, however we do have dairy and egg products. Whilst some meals we eat as a family are safe for Ryan there are times when I make Ryan his own portion, for example if I make lasagne the bolognese is ok for Ryan but I’ll make him a little separate portion made with soya cheese. Ryan and Chloe both understand what makes Ryan ‘poorly’ and Ryan is now at an age where we are trying to teach him how to take control of his own allergies, including reading labels, cooking and baking with him and making him aware that he always needs his emergency meds with him. I always try and ensure Ryan has the equivalent alternative, especially when it comes to sweets and treats etc. Thankfully he’s proving to be a very mature little boy about it and NEVER complains. Good luck.

  2. Aidan's Mum

    Congratulations! Welcome to your beautiful little lady Sadie!
    Very interested to hear how things progress for you.
    My little boy is allergic to eggs, dairy, wheat, gluten, oats, tree nuts and peanuts. I’ve been anxious re likelihood of recurrence in a sibling – so wish you all success and health for little Sadie. At least you will be aware of signals right from the start – neocate apparently is not so bad if started early!!
    Best wishes.

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