Don’t discontinue the chocolate!

So, I’ve just come back from my second day at the Allergy and Free From Show at Olympia. The last time I was there was 15 years ago for Erotica ’97 – my boyfriend at the time worked for a porn mag, I’m afraid. How things change, eh?

I’m gearing up for a bit of a blog rant about the show, so I’ll save that for now. But this afternoon I came across the Kinnerton confectionery stall and, for the first time, their Luxury Belgian Milk Chocolate bars.

Unfortunately, just as I find them it seems they’re being taken away. The egg, nut and gluten free choc tastes delicious – but it’s now been discontinued. Apparently stockists (i.e. the big supermarkets) weren’t displaying them where people could find them. As a result, nobody knew they existed, sales were low and they’ve been forced to ditch the line. Which is such a shame as these are perfect for the very many kids and adults with nut, egg and gluten allergies out there.

I bulk bought as many as I could reasonably see us eating by the ‘best before’ in Feb 2013 – but I hereby attempt to mount a campaign to Bring the Chocolate Back. They tell me if enough people lobby them for the bars’ return they will consider reviving them. There are so few allergy friendly chocolates out there – particularly nut allergy friendly – that I’d be overjoyed to have it them production. So I’m starting a petition – will you join me by signing it here?

5 thoughts on “Don’t discontinue the chocolate!

  1. Would love to hear your thoughts about the Allergy Show. I couldn’t make it this year and have never been before so am curious to know whether its worth going next year. I’m a bit suspicious it might just be a massive consumer festival just for people with allergies, but I guess that’s useful too if you’re struggling to find the right products/foods. Did you go to any of the workshops?

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  4. Robyn McGee

    I’ve stumbled across this blog while looking for a reason why Big W no longer stock the Kinnerton allergy friendly chocolates. I went to sign the petition and was disappointed it was closed. I believe that people didn’t buy the bars because they simply weren’t in the shops. I’ve been going to Big W almost weekly to buy them for months and months now ……. waiting and hoping that they would restock soon. And now I find out they’re not going to. I am really disappointed. I used to buy them for my nephew who loves chocolate and these were the only ones he could have.

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