A momentous day: Sidney’s first ever taste of bread. Granted, it’s fake bread (Dietary Specials’ gluten free brown loaf) and if I’m honest it’s not a little like cardboard. But if it looks like bread, acts like bread and, as far as Sid’s concerned, tastes like bread, then I’m happy to say that’s what it is.

We passed the soya home challenge a week or two ago but it’s taken me this long to get over the niggling doubts: what if we hadn’t done it properly, what if we missed something, what if tofu wasn’t soya after all… Ridiculous, but it’s the first time he’s actually passed a food trial so I was a bit discombobulated by the success.

Now there are quite a few more options open to us: not only the egg-free, wheat-free recipes that demand soya milk (like pizza bases and wraps) but where we’re precluded from buying most of the branded wheat-free breads, because they contain egg, the Dietary Specials range has soya instead.

I am beyond excited. Do you know what this means? It means sandwiches! It means toast! It means cheese on toast! It means something miraculously quick and easy to take out and about for lunch and snacks. It means if we get home late and Sidney’s starving and I haven’t defrosted or steamed one of his homecooked concoctions I can just whip out the bread (“bread”) and slap on the butter, or the cream cheese, or the tomato, or the avocado, and – instant food!

I take my thrills where I can…

6 thoughts on “Bread!

  1. Wonderful! I can remember being so relieved when we ruled out soya from my son’s list of allergies because, as you’ve said, so many freefrom products contain soya instead of wheat/milk etc. Have you tried the Dietary Specials ciabatta rolls? They are the closest thing to ‘real’ bread that we have found so far. Both my kids love them and have them in their packed lunches most days (with Vitalite dairy free spread of course!). Being able to have soya does open up so many more options – enjoy!

  2. The Dietry Specials brown loaf is like cardboard straight from the pack for sure – but for sandwiches I put the slices in the microwave for about 30 – 40 seconds and it makes them soft.
    Little Sidney is so cute, hope he’s enjoying the new bread! 🙂

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