“So what the hell can he eat?”

As a newbie, relatively speaking, to the allergy kid scene, I’m always grilling the veterans out there on what pre-packaged foods their children can eat.

While every supermarket these days has a Free From section, it ain’t (as I’ve come to realise about everything food allergy related) that simple. Want a wheat free, gluten free, nut free bread? Sure – but it contains egg. Or soya. Or lupin. Or pea.

Want a nut free, dairy free, egg free chocolate? No problem. Only, mind the soya lecithin.

Wheat free breakfast cereal? Great. Just watch out for those traces of nuts and sesame…

Helpfully, fellow blogger Elaine, whose grandson Bob has multiple food allergies, has posted a list of the stuff she and her daughter know to be safe and free from dairy, egg, wheat, gluten and nuts. You can find the whole list here – but bear in mind ingredients can change without warning, so always check, check, check the labels first.

As time goes on I’ll be posting about the products I find to be good, and the places I come across that are fine for allergic folk… like my current number one hotspot, The Grove in Alexandra Palace, London, which you’ll find here.

I’d love to hear about your top food allergy friendly dining experiences, too – so do, please, post when you come across a gem!

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