Cow’s milk allergy? Join the club

A baby having milk from a bottle.
Seven per cent of babies suffer from cow's milk allergy (Image: Wikipedia)

Help Allergy UK with its online survey and you could win a £30 Mamas & Papas voucher

Despite the catalogue of allergies we’re dealing with, I have to say I’m thankful Sidney hasn’t added cow’s milk to the list. With the limitations of being egg, wheat and nut-free  (never mind the rest) I honestly don’t know where we’d be without cheese and yoghurt.

The reality, though, is that cow’s milk protein allergy is one of the most common allergies in infants, affecting as many as seven per cent of babies under a year old.

Its symptoms can vary widely – from rashes to vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhoea – and can be easily confused with other conditions. And although milk allergy is often outgrown by the age of three, about a fifth of milk allergic children will carry their allergy into adulthood.

In a bid to raise awareness of the condition, Allergy UK is running an online survey, in association with infant nutrition brand Aptamil, to gather the experiences of parents and carers of babies with cow’s milk protein allergy. You can find it here:

The idea is to use those shared experiences to inform a major media campaign, providing greater support and information for those going through the often complicated process of diagnosis.

Fill in the survey and, as an added bonus, you’ll have the chance to win one of 30 vouchers for £30 to spend at Mamas & Papas.

For more information on cow’s milk protein allergy from Allergy UK and Aptamil download their info leaflet here 

One thought on “Cow’s milk allergy? Join the club

  1. Thanks for the heads up about the survey, have just completed it. I get a lot of people coming to my blog to read our CMPA story so I will write a little post about the survey.

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