The Idiotic Things They Say Vol.1

We’re less than a year into Life With a Food Allergic Kid territory and already I have a marvellous list of the, frankly, unhelpful bollocks various people have come out with. Some are well-meaning, but ill-advised, others outright rude and the rest just really, really stupid.

I boldly predict there will be a lot more of these to come, so I am titling this post ‘Volume 1’. Here is my top 10 so far:

1. Baby gym teacher: “Ooh *excitedly* has he had one of those anaphylactic thingies yet?” #nolovebutweliveinhope

2. Aunt-in-law: “It must be because you’re vegetarian.” #buggeroff #doctorsaysnoactually

3. Allergy nurse: “How much does your baby’s allergy affect your choice of days out and holidays?” Me (shellshocked Mum to newly diagnosed six month-old): “Not much, really.” Allergy nurse: “Oh, but it will…”#andyoureinchargeoftheparentsupportgroup?

4. Allergy nurse: “Oh, I remember your little boy – he had LOADS of allergies.” #thanksforthat

5. Allergy nurse (she’s a treasure trove): “Gosh, what on earth CAN he eat?” #plentythanks #nowgoaway

6. Me to nursery school teacher: “What’s your policy on children with severe food allergies?” Nursery school teacher: “Oh, it’s fine, we’ve got loads of vegetarians here AND a girl who doesn’t like cheese…” #byethen

7. Various: “Aren’t you brave taking him out?” #youthinkheshouldbelockedup? (thanks to fellow allergy Tweeter @freefrommum for this classic)

8. Friend: “Oh, he doesn’t look ill.” #hesnot #idiot

9. Lady in organic baby stuff shop: “You really shouldn’t give a baby antihistamines.” #youadoctor? #hippyclaptrap

10. Various: “I heard it’s because of all the processed food people eat.” #andbypeopleyoumeanme *resists urge to ram hard with buggy*

6 thoughts on “The Idiotic Things They Say Vol.1

  1. Re: example no. 5, a DIETICIAN once asked me the same question – I sat there stunned thinking, “I thought it was your job to tell me?!” When my son was admitted to hospital due to his asthma on one occasion, the duty dietician turned up to go through what food he could have and despite me telling her a number of times that he was allergic to milk, wheat, eggs and nuts she suggested a jacket potato with CHEESE and a SANDWICH. I nearly suggested she go back to college as there was obviously part of her training that she’d missed. We always take our own food into hospital now.

  2. Most of this made me (and my husband) laugh so much – lots of recognition. The rest just made me cringe at the crap variable service people are still getting from health care professionals. I can only apologise on their behalf. I had a depressing day yesterday picking up the pieces for a family with a 7 1/2 month old who has just been diagnosed with multiple allergies (delayed reaction), that should have been recognised 7 months ago! instead his parents have not had a joyous start with their first child. Constant screaming (child), little sleep (parents) and no support, daily pain for child is now leading to feeding aversion and all because health visitor, GP and even to first paediatrician involved missed all the obvious signs. I think it’s really sad that despite the huge increase in awareness of allergies over the last few years, it’s still pretty much a lottery as to what sort of treatment you get based on who you see.

  3. Lisa

    Love (and hate!) this, have heard just about all of them – the absolute worst of them being those people who want you to tell them the anaphylactic shock stuff, I imagine those are the same (morons) who slow down when they see a traffic accident just to lean out the window and take pictures.

  4. Tif

    Oh my all of these have happened to us! The best one was a health visitor who gave me a diet sheet for our child with multiple allergies and told me to cross off what she was allergic to…I was left with carrot sticks…her reply was ‘oh well you win some you lose some’.

  5. My son is allergic to nuts, sesame, dairy, eggs and garlic. Some of the classics I’ve had are “Garlic – is that even possible?’ Well, er, yes obviously! Then the nurse when he has his MMR jabs ‘I think it’s OK if you have an egg allergy,’ Please don’t think. Know. And from a well meaning friend. ‘I’m the same, I get really bloated when I eat gluten.’ Hmm, not really the same as my epipen carrying son!

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